New beginnings… this is what September represents to me. This time of year is always exciting as September represents new beginnings, particularly to an old school man. This is when kindergartners begin their journey as a student for the next 13 years and seniors begin their last year of school as they transition into becoming adults. Fall is around the corner and this means a new season will be arriving soon.

September also represents new beginnings for the Falcon Club of America. September 1 is when newly-elected board members and officers take their seats at the proverbial table and begin their task of shepherding the business of the club we love so much. While on the topic of new beginnings, I would like to introduce myself to the members who I have not had the pleasure to meet. My name is Billy Pope, and I am an active member of the Falcon Club of America and my local chapter, the Heart of Texas. We currently have four Falcons tucked away in the garage along with a few other classic old Fords. I am an elementary school principal, and I am beginning my 32nd year as an educator and my 24th year as an administrator. My wife, Tammy, is also an elementary school principal and we have two children—Maddie Sayre, who lives in Kerrville, Texas and teaches 4th grade and our son, Zach who will begin his senior year this year. We have two amazing grandsons, Asa and Peter, that I cannot wait to bring them with us to a Falcon meet someday.

The metaphor of new beginnings also draws upon the fact that seeds need to have been planted for there to be a new beginning. These seeds can be physical seeds or a seed can be an idea or concept that needs to be nurtured to bring to maturity. I am excited with the position the board is excited to take the club to the next level. I would like to take the opportunity to thank president Jim Guthrie and vice-president Mike Sigler and the board for their leadership and for planting seeds that will surely take the club well into the 21st century. The new board and officers have already been engaged in some preliminary work to ensure that we will have a rolling start at our first meeting.

I truly believe that this club is about the relationships that are formed. Each year’s national meet is more like a family reunion than a car show. This is the message that I “preach” to all the new members I meet. I challenge them to come to one show, talk to people, listen to their stories, let them hear your story, and I guarantee you will find a friend and a reason to come to next year’s national meet. If you are reading this and have not made it to a national meet, I encourage you to take this challenge; I am confident you will be glad you did.

Billy Pope