The year was 1975 and I was 13 years old. Window pane jeans were the ticket and Captain and Tennille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together” was the number one song. While these factoids may be mildly interesting, they would not prove to mean as much to me as the fact that Bobby Wynne lived across the street from me in Bedford, Texas. Bobby had a hot little 1965 Ford Falcon, and the rumor was that it was “so quick that you couldn’t see the tail lights at night.” I did not know if that was true or not, but what I did know was that this car spoke to me in ways that would still resonate with me many years later. When I close my eyes, I can still hear how this Falcon sounded. It was a hot small block Ford and it sounded so good. Remember, this was back in the day when hot street cars had a “3/4 racing cam.” I can still see the Cal-Custom finned valve covers, the chrome air cleaner, Crager wheels and those shackles! Remember those? It was jacked up so high to get those massive G60s under the rear fenders. I know it was a four speed, because I would ride my bike by… real slow like… to check out the Hurst shifter and gawk at that awesome Sun tack screwed to the dash, and I would always sneak peaks under the hood whenever he was tuning his engine. I remember it being a dark color, so I do not recall if it was black or dark blue, but I do know this car certainly made an impression on me. I always wanted a Falcon because of the impression that Bobby’s car left on me. Fast forward to 2011 when Frank Bell turned me on to a car that Jeff Schira had that he was thinking about selling. It was a candy apple red 1969 Sport Coupe. After a test drive and handshake, I purchased my first Falcon! I finally realized a life-long desire to own a Falcon. I have had conversations with owners about their cars and it is fun to listen to the stories and to learn of the connections people have with their Falcon and to learn of what initially attracted them to this car that we all love.

So, here is your assignment. I want to ask you to send us a note about how you came to be a Falcon lover. What attracted you to this car? Tell us about your first Falcon. Is it the one that you currently own? What is your favorite body style? Include pictures; a picture is worth a thousand words, so tell your story. Relationships are an integral aspect of the FCA and the cars are just a bonus. I feel getting to know the cars is sometimes as fascinating as getting to know their owners. I cannot wait to learn more about my FCA family.

Billy Pope