This year you get all of Falcon’s famous thrift and handling ease wrapped up in a brand-new package! America’s all-time economy champ still saves you money every day, every mile. But look how Falcon’s changed! Beneath this bold, new long-hood/short-deck design lies one of the toughest cars on the road. Beefy, integral body-frame structure makes Falcon stronger, more durable. Longer wheelbase, wider treads and numerous suspension improvements make it ride like no other compact. Inside Falcon’s bigger too, with more room than ever for six.

For ’66 there are 10 brand -new Falcons to choose from. Heading the list is a snappy, new Futura Sports Coupe. Bucket seats, deluxe wheel covers, a sporty accent stripe and the lively 200-cu. in. Six are standard on this one. For plenty of comfort and luxury, there are the Futura 4-Door Sedan and Club Coupe with plush interiors, wider door openings and greater shoulder room. The Falcon 4-Door Sedan and Club Coupe – two of America’s lowest-priced cars – feature good looks, comfort and convenience. And to round out the line there are five versatile wagons.

A full list of options, including a 289-cu. in. V8, Cruise-O-Matic Drive and a 4-speed stick, lets you pick from nine engine-transmission combinations. Falcon’s famous service-savers head the economy list. Twice-a-Year Maintenance, alternator, “Sta-Ful” battery.

Test-drive a new Falcon at your Ford Dealer’s now. For style, action and savings like you’ve never seen before, see Falcon, the best buy in compact history.