Extra power for tough jobs, 48% more power now available in a new 240 cu. in. Six.
Big new power! That’s the big news in ’65 Ford Econoline Vans. New optional 240 cubic inch Six is biggest, most powerful engine in any van! Gives you outstanding performance with full loads—powerful hill-climbing ability—nimbleness in heavy traffic.

Even the standard engine for is more powerful a new 170 cu. in. Six gives a power boost of up to 23 percent And both new engines are engineered to give you maximum durability and full economy.

Also new for ’65 are huskier under-structure for a sturdier cargo floor… stronger bumpers . . . alternators as
standard equipment… roomier, more comfortable cab . . . more compact, high-output heater … all reason aplenty to see your Ford Dearer and test drive the Van that has outsold the others by 2 to l, Ford Econoline Van!

Model Body CodeUnits SoldWeight lbs.Price
Econoline 6-door Standard and Deluxe Van89A (E14)35,972
Econoline 12-window Van89F (E14)5,156
Econoline 8-door Cargo Van89G (E14)1,136
Econoline 4-door Panel Van89H (E15)967
Econoline 6-door Extended Van89J (E16)7,924
Econoline 9-window Extended Display Van89M (E16)129
Econoline 12-window Extended Van89N (E16)1,358
Econoline 8-door Extended Cargo Van89R (E16)449
Econoline 4-door Extended Panel Van89S (E17)229

The above production information has been obtained from various sources and cross-checked when possible. Although it is thought to be reliable, a person considering a Falcon based on its rarity should conduct his or her own research.