The 1965 Falcons retained the same basic body styles as the 1964 models. Exterior trim treatments and other minor revisions were the basic visual changes.

One noteworthy difference on the Futura models in ’65 was the use of stainless steel side trim. The stainless trim is easier to work with and more forgiving to scratches and polishing when compared to the anodized aluminum trim from 1964.

Other important changes included new engine and transmission choices. For the first time, the 289 cubic inch V-8 motor was available, along with the Cruise-O-Matic Transmission. The 289 engine in stock form had 200 horsepower. The Cruise-O-Matic offered 3 forward automatic gears for the first time in a Falcon.

The Falcon Sprints and Convertibles were produced in lesser numbers this year. Only 300 Sprint Convertibles and 2,806 Sprint Hardtops were sold in 1965. Unlike previous editions of the Sprints, the ’65 versions did not have special chrome, unique steering wheel or a tachometer as standard equipment. Can you guess why?

The Falcon would not be the same after 1965 and this was largely due to the introduction of Ford’s new best selling car, the wildly successful Ford Mustang. Lee Iacocca and Ford marketed the new Mustang as a re-skinned FALCON and saved millions of dollars in the process.

This would be the last year the Sedan Delivery models would be offered in 1965. The Sedan Delivery models never sold in high numbers, and today they are quite rare and have become one of the most collectible of Falcon models.

The “Futura” line and basic models from the previous year were offered. Although the ’64 and ’65 Falcons have a different style than their ’60 – ’63 predecessors, they were all based on the same vehicle and viewed as a similar grouping of vehicles.