Falcon’s kept its famous economy, but everything else is changed. A million dollars’ worth of good looks. The finest ride ever in a compact. A 6 that holds the all-time Mobil Economy Run record for 6’s and 8’s. A V-8 that made history at the Monte Carlo Rallye. Get reacquainted with Falcon – drive one of 17 new Falcons soon!

1. FALCON FUTURA HARDTOP. Crisp new style, smart new luxury. Superior Falcon-size convenience and comfort. Plus total performance: eager response, sure-footed going, trim handling. No compact—not even Falcon—ever offered so much before!

2. FALCON SPRINT CONVERTIBLE. To bucket seats and console, add sports-type steering wheel, eye-level tachometer, wire wheel covers. All are standard on Sprints. So are the ease of a power-operated top … the snap of the 164-hp Sprint 260 V-8.

3. FALCON FUTURA 4-DOOR SEDAN. Roomy comfort for six (spacious trunk, too!) plus Futura luxury have made

The Falcons received a facelift in 1964. The “new” Falcons reflected the Total Performance image with their new styling. A more aggressive pony car style was used on the 64 Falcon models. The Futura series was continued in 1964 and represented the top trim level for Falcons. Futura upgrades include a chrome horn ring; rear arm rests with ash trays; a set of horns; special hubcaps; Futura emblems inside and out; chrome side window treatments; stainless front and rear window trim; anodized aluminum exterior trim pieces; and unique chevrons at the rear quarter panels. The Sprint models included basic Futura trim pieces and a special chrome engine package, unique wood-like steering wheel, tachometer, and unique Sprint badges and emblems. Sprints could be had with bucket seats and a console in the front, or bench seats all around.