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  • Malachi cox

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      I am only fourteen years old and about 6 months ago at the very end of August is when I found a falcon for sale and I hadn’t heard of a falcon before but I just loved how it looked so within a week of first seeing it, we went to go look at it in person for the first time and the next day or two someone drove us back to it and we drove it back home this is how I got my 1964 Ford Falcon deluxe station wagon. I wasn’t aware it had a powered back window till I got home either so that was a plus.

      Stephen Hamaday

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        Congrats on your purchase. My first car was a 63 Falcon Sprint and then bought a 64 Sedan with no motor or trans back in 1974. The 64 went on to be my most beloved car when I was 17. I recently tried to revive the thrill when I  bought a 64 Futura in 2020. I’ve put a lot of hours into and still am. But it is my favorite Ford.

        You will enjoy learning about cars working on that Falcon. The only issue I have seen on my second time around is I can’t go into the dealer like before and order original ford parts. Now it’s the junkyards.

        Good luck with it


        Rinke Timmerman

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          Oh Nice car.

          I’ve got a 64 deluxe station as well. Is it a 2 or 4 door car?

          Mine is a 4 door with 170cid six and a 3spd manual.

          My rear window is manually operated.

          Have fun with the build/restoration. Remember, these cars are so simple, that looking at a problem for some time usually solves the questions you have.

          I restored mine with no knowledge about cars whatsoever.

          Good luck and don’t forget to have fun,


          Malachi cox

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            its 4 doors and mine is automatic.

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