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    I keep finding little bits of information suggesting they do make taller gears for the 7 1/4, but I can’t find a set? The stock gears on my 62 falcon with the three on the tree are i believe 3.5 and limit the car to basically 60mph. I’m hoping someone knows where/how to get ahold of taller gears to put in the car to be able to cruise at a decent speed on the highway? I’m trying to avoid ripping out the rear end. I LOVE my tiny stock 4 lug wheels and the rest, just wishing i can find taller gears or similar solution?? Appreciated all. :)

    Rinke Timmerman
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    There were 4 lug 8 or 9 inch rears available. On TFFN they were sometimes discussed, but I have no Idea where to source one. I’m in the same spot of gearing with my 64 station. Also I believe that the mustang 6 rear did have different gearings and the 65-67 ish should fit with minor mods, but do research that, This is only hear say from my end.


    Good luck with the search.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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