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  • Matthias Poos

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      Either the factory stock system or after market  borgeson  kit .Looking for any input, pros ,cons of each system .Hoping to talk to somebody that has done this type of conversion .Thanks

      tom Kubiniec

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        Hwy Mathias,

        I did a Borgeson upgrade on 68 Corvettes and have installed one on y 66 Falcon build.
        From a performance standpoint. They work great.  As these units are reciprocating ball systems, there is a bit of vagueness in straight line driving.  When you get into the turns, they shine.  I love the setup in my Vette. It’s a BB Car (427CU) so there is a lot of weight up front. the steering is solid, easy and feels good.

        Ont the Falcon – My car is a 66.  You will most likely need to pull the steering column and shorten it an inch or 2 then weld on the adapter for the Steering box.
        It is not difficult and if you are not a welder, you can take it to any shop and get it done cheap.  If you do it, make sure the adapter is absolutely straight.

        The Borgeson unit is bigger than stock. There may be clearance issues with things like headers (if you have a larger engine) of the brake booster.
        My 66 has a stroker 331 build on a 289 block there are no clearance issues and I have manual steering. It looks like I have plenty of room to add a booster if I want.

        Their kits are well put together all parts appear to be very high quality.
        I upgraded my 66 to Global West suspension components and coilover shocks. With the better front setup, the Borgeson will be a huge upgrade over the stock.

        They are bigger, you will most likely have to modify the steering shaft and fititng them in can be tight with the engine in the car.  (i installed mine while the engine was out.). But I do  highly recommend them!

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