President’s Message

October 2023

The year was 1975 and I was 13 years old. Window pane jeans were the ticket and Captain and Tennille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together” was the number one song. While these factoids may be mildly interesting, they would not prove to mean as much to me as the fact ... [read more]

October 20232023-10-02T10:16:00-05:00

September 2023

New beginnings… this is what September represents to me. This time of year is always exciting as September represents new beginnings, particularly to an old school man. This is when kindergartners begin their journey as a student for the next 13 years and seniors begin their last year of school ... [read more]

September 20232023-09-11T14:22:38-05:00

Looking To The Future, and Upcoming Opportunities

We are just 10 weeks from the 2023 National Meet in Overland Park, Kansas.Planning is going well and things are tightening down. If you haven’t madehotel reservations, please do so as soon as possible. If you haven’t registered yet,website registration will be closing around the 25th of this month. You ... [read more]

Looking To The Future, and Upcoming Opportunities2023-05-02T15:40:14-05:00

A Regional Draws Near!

Time is drawing near for the Bon Temps Regional in Gonzalez, Louisiana on April 14 and 15. If you haven’t made your reservations, time is of the essence. Details are on the website under EVENTS. I hope to see you there. Things are moving along for the 44th Annual ... [read more]

A Regional Draws Near!2023-03-06T08:40:51-06:00

Happy Holidays!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday and were able toenjoy family and friends. I see that many of you were involvedin Turkey Runs and car shows and otherwise enjoying yourFalcons and Rancheros. Still others are busy working on yourrides getting them ready for 2023.Speaking of 2023, planning ... [read more]

Happy Holidays!2022-12-13T15:01:15-06:00

New Website!

The new website,, is up and running and I hope youhave had a chance to kick the tires. Startup has not been withoutissues, but we are getting it into tune and we have some greatfolks working on lining it out. Andrew Saindon came on board inSeptember to serve ... [read more]

New Website!2022-12-13T14:29:21-06:00

National Meet Followup, New Vice President, New Members!

The 2022 National Meet is behind us now and what a great event it was. I hope you were able to be there and share the experience of over 200 fabulous Falcons and Rancheros and nearly 400 members from all over the country, from sea to shining sea. The facilities ... [read more]

National Meet Followup, New Vice President, New Members!2022-08-18T10:09:11-05:00

Uvalde Recognition, Website Update, & National Meet Coming Soon!

I feel compelled to say something about the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas. I cannot imagine what would cause anyone to take the life of another, let alone a classroom full of innocents. Nineteen youngsters in a place that should be as safe as anyplace they might be. My mother and ... [read more]

Uvalde Recognition, Website Update, & National Meet Coming Soon!2022-06-20T17:01:43-05:00


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