The Falcon Club of America (FCA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the FALCON and FALCON RANCHERO automobiles built by the Ford Motor Company from 1960 to 1970. FCA was founded in 1979 and has thousands of members world-wide. For $38 a year ($45 in U.S. funds for International North America Membership, $57 in U.S. funds for International Offshore Membership).

Why A Falcon Club?

FCA was formed to band together owners of the Falcon automobile to provide an exchange of ideas, technical information, amusing reminiscences, and the availability of parts (often at a substantial discount). Lasting friendships are formed through local get-togethers and at the club’s National Meet each year.

What Membership Means

Whether your Ford Falcon or Ranchero serves as everyday transportation, a relaxing plaything, or both; you’ll find valuable help in your preservation and restoration as well as interesting facts and information from the Club and many it’s members.

As a Falcon Club of America (FCA) member, you’ll receive a variety of member benefits, including our award winning magazine, “THE NATIONAL FALCON NEWS” with feature stories, technical articles, schedule of events, classified advertisements, and a host of other features mailed to you bi-monthly. It contains information so valuable you will want to file it away for future reference.

The FCA also charters local chapters, identifies technical advisors, administers a Club Store, and provides other member benefits including a Membership Directory. Best of all, you will be supporting the preservation of our favorite cars and trucks.

Who Belongs?

FCA has people of all ages — from retired folks to teenagers still in school. Among our members are men and women of all professions; individuals who could certainly afford more costly or newer cars if they chose.

Premium Packet

Every new member receives a “New Member” Packet upon payment of dues. This includes a personal membership card, Falcon Club cards to pass out to others who might be interested in the Club and a copy of the latest magazine issue.

We are THE FALCON CLUB OF AMERICA, and we are STRONG in our conviction and dedication!

Whatever your interest or experience, we look forward to you joining us!

A Message From Our President

July Message

By |July 1, 2024|President's Message|

By the time this issue reaches your mailbox, the 45th Annual Falcon Club National will be in full swing in Hot Springs. Let me channel my inner Nostradamus and make some predictions: new friendships will be forged, the parking lot will be packed with stunning examples of various styles and colors of Falcons, and an unforgettable time will be had by all. We also will announce the 2025 National location ... [read more]

Past Messages

How To Join FCA

Waited long enough? We would love to have you join us! To become a member, please do the following:

Complete the ONLINE APPLICATION & RENEWAL FORM, by selecting link below. When the form appears fully complete it on screen. Afterwards, select “Make Payment” at bottom of page to complete transaction through PayPal®. Please wait for a new screen to load. Once you’ve completed your payment, you will be directed to a “Thank You!” page. Membership fees are as follows: United States Membership: $38; International North American Membership: $45; International Offshore Membership: $57.

If you are uncomfortable using our online form of payment, or have trouble using the online form, feel free to complete and print out a paper copy of the Printable FCA Application Form (20kb pdf). Please make sure you fill out the form completely. Then mail your application to the address shown on the form. Include with your application a Check Or Money Order Payable In U.S. Funds To: THE FALCON CLUB OF AMERICA. The membership fees are as follows: United States Membership: $38; International North American Membership: $45; International Offshore Membership:$57.

If you experience any problems, please email us for assistance. We’d be happy to assist. Be sure to include your NAME and PHONE NUMBER in your message. Thank you for your support of our organization.