A Family Falcon in “Mint” Condition

A One-Off Falcon Grille
A Family Falcon in “Mint” Condition

It was a privilege to interview Rob and Rosalie Brashears, who along with their sons Brett and Max, attended the Hot Springs Regional in 2021. I chatted with this young family from Greenbrier, Arkansas and admired their Falcon while on the cruise through Hot Springs. Seeing this guy who I later found out was an ex-Marine with his wife and two kids in a Mint Green Falcon was certainly a memorable sight. As we sought shelter from the rain at the Meet I had the opportunity to sit down with them and learn about their Falcon Story. Rob and Rosalie wanted a family fun car that they could take on cruises and to shows along with their boys. Rob had always had an appreciation for all old cars, and wanted to join a club, but wasn’t interested in the competitive nature of some groups. He wanted to be a part of a club with a family atmosphere and to find a group of car guys that also valued friends and family along with their cars. After seeing Facebook posts from fellow railroad friends Mark Sword and Mark Sword, Jr. showing their Falcons and talking about the camaraderie of the Falcon Club, Rob decided to look for a Falcon. But, he would need one to accommodate his six foot, six inch frame.

They found a ‘61 sitting in a a collector’s warehouse in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. It was said to be in perfect and original condition. “There’s no way it’s in that good of shape,” Rob thought. Even though he was a bit skeptical, he bought the Falcon sight unseen. “When he went to get the Falcon, he was told “Most guys trailer their cars home.” But, he replied, I’m not going to buy a car I can’t drive home.” When he saw it in its pristine condition, his first reaction was “I don’t think it sat outside a day in its life.” The car’s history was displayed at the regional inside the car in a viewable notebook. It included the bill of sale and dealer information when it was purchased new in Creston, Iowa in 1961. The original title, advertising materials, instructional documents, even a service coupon has been well preserved.

The original owner sold it to the collector in Ft. Smith where it sat in a warehouse until Rob bought it in August 2021. It had 25,000 original miles when he brought it home and all its original parts. Rob had only to change out the exhaust system and get some general maintenance done to get it back in shape. He noticed a few indentations in the paint, but Rob decided he wanted to keep it original and not make any significant changes.

When he brought it home, Rosalie made a little good-natured fun of it saying it looked like a “Ladies Car.” The family piled in for a drive and they were in love, especially Max. They love the attention they get when they take it out cruising. People wave and honk at them and it brings smiles wherever they go. And they’ve found a new, bigger family as members of the Founders Chapter. The little green ‘61 was one of the most popular cars at the Regional with onlookers gathering around it, reading its original paperwork, and admiring its “mint” condition.


  1. Christopher Ivusic October 6, 2022 at 3:37 pm - Reply

    Beautiful-looking Falcon, reminds me of the 1960 model, robin-egg blue, that I bought in 1968.

  2. Eric Landis February 25, 2023 at 4:00 pm - Reply

    Awesome! Picking an orange colored air freshener was the perfect choice cause it matches so well :-)

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